Andrew Loxley Photography

Andrew Loxley’s photographic work is informed by his technical background in science. Educated at Sussex University then Bristol University in the physical chemistry of nanomaterials, he channels the feelings that have no home in technology-based product development, to the production of emotionally charged images of the people and places that are important to him. With a leaning toward Eastern mysticism, and its startling similarity to modern thinking in physics, the concepts of transience, permanence and interconnectedness permeate his images.

Andrew echoes the late Dan Eldon’s words “the journey is the destination”, exploring his physical and psychological travels through photography. Loxley’s interests lie in creating compositions that explore the definition and transience of beauty, and the nature of things, in a humorous, disturbing, pensive or poignant way.

His subjects range from still life to fashion via travel and architecture, and he combines compositional skill with his joy in sharing in the lives of others, to provide intimate records of celebrations and weddings.

Realizing that all images are self-portraits, Loxley’s portraits show his subjects as introspective soul-searchers in tension, and his interiors focus on the stillness of spaces.

Clients range from individuals and families seeking portraits and modeling portfolios, to corporate clients including MoMA, Advanstar Publishing, Buzz Marketting, the International Partnership for Microbicides and HKWN.

Andrew Loxley currently resides in Philadelphia from where he operates a digital studio, and still enjoys using film.